ISE Projects and Experiences

EUMETSAT Polar System

The EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS) is Europe’s first polar orbiting operational meteorological satellite system. The EPS consists of a series of three Meteorological Operational (Metop) satellites, to be flown successively for more than 14 years, together with the relevant ground facilities. Flying at a much lower altitude (~800 km) than the geostationary Meteosats, the Metop satellites will provide more precise details about atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles, invaluable for weather forecasting and climate monitoring.
ISE provided the EPS core MCS (Mission Control System). The Core MCS is a component of the overall EPS ground system and is responsible for monitoring and control of the EPS Metop satellites. The Core MCS is based on EPOCH IPS product line.
Key features: TT&C, Archiving and off line analysis, Payload reconfiguration, spacecraft database ingestion, Mission planning interfaces.


Spainsat is a GEO telecommunication satellite based on the FS1300 bus by Space Systems / Loral. This satellite is being used by HISDESAT for the Spanish Military forces. ISE provided the Satellite Control Center, the system was based on EPOCH IPS product line. It includes a primary station system with hot redundancy and a backup station.
Key features of the system: TT&C, Archiving and off line analysis, Payload reconfiguration, spacecraft database ingestion.


SAR-Lupe is a constellation of radar imagery LEO satellites built by OHB Systems for the German Forces. ISE provided the following ground station elements: Dual S-X band antenna system, including RF & IF components, Satellite Control Center based on EPOCH IPS with the Windows Epoch client. A SCC was also delivered to the German Space Operation Center (GSOC) for LEOP and as a back-up station.
Key features: TT&C, Ground station M&C, Archiving and off line analysis, Mission planning interfaces, spacecraft database ingestion, back orbit data processing.