Company Profile

Integral Systems Europe provides complete ground station integrated solutions including hardware, software and associated services.

Our goal is to combine Commercial-off-the-shelf products with high quality services to match any unique requirements. Flexibility, exceeding the technical performance, on time deliveries, long term support at the best available prices are our guidelines.

Make sure you make the most of your investment in space. Integral Systems is your long term partner to control, protect and expand your aerospace assets.

Image of a Satellite Ground Station



Integral Systems Europe was incorporated in Toulouse, France, in January 2001

The main objectives for establishing the ISE offices were:

  • At first, ISE was founded to introduce all of Integral Systems corporate products: in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, and to facilitate trade and communication between them.
  • In addition to reaching these goals, ISE now also supports the development of European projects such as METOP, SAR-LUPE and SPAINSAT with local engineers.

ISE has developed strategic partnerships with world renowned companies, such as, SES-ASTRA, Globecomm Systems Europe, HELLAS SAT, OHB-System, NewSkies Satellites, EUMETSAT and Thales Alenia Space.

Moreover, ISE has acquired ISO 9001 certification and confirms its permanent commitment to quality!