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GeoMon concept introduction

GeoMon is new concept has been specially designed for regulators by Integral Systems Europe. GeoMon stands for Geographical monitoring. By monitoring  the spectrum and looking for uplinkers location, the system allows regulators to supervise satcoms transmitted from their country and help regulators in performing the following tasks.

Geomon Concept Illustration

GeoMon offers many advantages by:

  • Providing a  friendly user interface for regulators
  • Communicating with each subsystem performing dedicated tasks (Spectrum monitoring, Satellite Scanning, Alarms, geolocation ..
  • Storing all information in a dedicated database (public & legal data, scans, results)


Spectrum monitoring & geolocation

GeoMon has been specially designed for regulators. With a user friendly  graphical  interface,  operators  can  click  on  one  satellite  icon.  Based  on  automatic procedures and a few manual operations, GeoMon provides a list of transponders  and  carriers  currently  in  use  on  the  satellite  with  all  their  characteristics  (frequencies,  modulation type, FEC, etc.). GeoMon then  identifies the transmitter’s  location. Using the  collected  information, GeoMon delivers reports detailing all authorized/unauthorized carriers  (errors  in the transmission plan or unknown  transmitters).

As described in the following four step procedure, GeoMon has been specially designed for regulation:

Geomon User Interface Usage Procedure


Technical overview

GeoMon’s  “intelligence”  resides  in  its  integrating  the  most  advanced  monitoring,  measurement,  and  detection  products  available  in  today’s  satellite ground systems  industry. GeoMon combines and automates carrier  monitoring,  geolocation,  and  network management with  appropriate  user- friendly operator interfaces.

Geomon Regulator Supervisor - Architecure Overview

 GeoMon is based on the following components:

  • RF equipment: COTS satellite devices receive satellite signals and allow further measurements – several antennas, Low Noise Amplifiers, etc.
  • Compass: A COTS product for ground equipment control offered by   Newpoint Technologies, a subsidiary of ISI. Compass enables the pointing of any antenna toward any satellite. When necessary, it raises alarms on ground equipment.
  • Monics: A COTS product for Satellite Communications System Monitoring developed by SAT Corporation, a subsidiary of ISI. RF signal   data is received and stored in a database where it is analyzed against a list of all satellites and authorized transmitters.
  • SatID: ISE’s Geolocation COTS product. Its database incorporates maps and a lists of all known satellites to assist transmitter geolocation.
  • GeoMon Automation Module: An advanced regulator interface created by ISE. This module eases exchanges between different COTS products and centralizes all information to create customizable reports.

More information?

Please feel free to contact us if you require any additional documentation or information on the Geomon concept integrated system.

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