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An Innovative Turnkey System for Military SatCom Monitoring and Interference geolocation

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Military SatCom Awareness

OveInteference Detection with Carrier under Carrier analysis using Monics CSMr the last decade, satellite ground equipment and software have taken took  huge  steps  forward.  New modems  and  technology  now  optimize satellite  links,  increase  bandwidth,  and  improve  the  Quality  of  Services (QoS). However, advances in Satellite Communications System Monitoring have surpassed even ground equipment and software improvements!

Satellite  operators  have  replaced  traditional  Spectrum  Analyzers  with Advanced Digital Signal Processing Systems. These new systems monitor UHF, L-, X-, C-, Ku- or Ka-band to deliver enhanced analysis of modulation types, Forward Error Correction (FEC), communication rates, etc. Moreover, some Communication System Monitoring (CSM) products such as Integral System’s Monics, display and analyze interfering carriers under the main carrier (Carrier Under Carrier). 

Interferer's signal Geolocation using satID unique featuresGeolocation is a technique taking advantage of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to determine the origin source of communication satellite signals. It is increasingly being incorporated into  commercial  satellite operations  to  locate deliberate  jamming  sources.  Integral Systems Incorporated's (ISI) unique  “satID” tool helps satellite providers and users protect their on-orbit assets against communication link interruptions.

Integral Systems Europe (ISE)  is pleased to present this fully  integrated solution, combination of several leading COTS products allowing users  to  supervise  from  a  single  point,  all  satellite communication and automatically start actions based on nterference detectioni


Single Interface

The MilSatMon Situational Awareness System has been specially designed for military users. With a user-friendly graphical  interface,  operators  can  click  on  one  satellite con.  Based  on  Radio  frequency,  an  expert  can  take required actions with only a few clicks. In the adjacent diagram, the operator knows in two clicks that a downconverter on a truck shows a power minor alarm and will soon fail. In the meantime, the EIRP of a carrier transmitted from the main hub is too low. This module also allows operators to view all communications status in  real-time  through  true hierarchical view. Through  this single  interface, an operator knows instantaneously the status of all equipments and communications.

Milsatmon Awareness Monitoring and Control Single User Interface

Technical Concept Overview

The  intelligence  of  MilSatMon Situational Awareness  lies  in  the  integration  of  the  most advanced  monitoring,  measurement,  and  detection products available in today’s satellite ground systems industry. This module combines and automates carrier monitoring,  geolocation,  and  network  management with  appropriate user-friendly operator  interfaces.  In ase of  interference,  the operator at  the main center an automatically be  informed and  take  the decision o move  two  antennas  to  start  a geolocation of  the interference. Fully  integrated situational awareness  is based on the following components:

  • RF equipment: COTS satellite devices receive satellite signals and allow further measurements – several antennas, Low Noise Amplifiers,etc.
  • Compass: A COTS product for ground equipment control offered by Newpoint Technologies, a subsidiary of ISI. Compass enables the pointing of any antenna toward any satellite. When necessary, it raises alarms on ground equipment.
  • Monics: A COTS product for Satellite Communications System Monitoring developed by SAT Corporation, a subsidiary of ISI. RF signal data is received and stored in a database where it is analyzed against a list of all satellites and authorized transmitters.
  • satID: ISE’s Geolocation COTS product. Its database incorporates maps and a list of all known satellites to assist transmitter geolocation.
  • Compass MilSatMon Module Interface (ISE):   This module eases exchanges between different COTS products and centralizes all information for both carriers and equipment.

Milsatmon Awareness system architecture overview


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