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Monitoring frequency spectra in the rapidly growing, modern telecommunications industry or in highly demanding environments has become a challenge that only the most advanced companies are able to take on and win. Integral Systems is meeting the challenge through its variety of carrier monitoring, interference detection and geolocation, and monitor and control products.


General Description

The world’s preeminent satellite operators, service providers, and military and government organizations use Integral Systems’ turnkey installations to assure and protect their communication assets, and guarantee correct usage of the spectral bandwidth.
A combination of monitoring, geolocation, and control tools provide a real-time overview of telecommunications status and alerts for local environments to a global networks. Adapting and integrating our existing tools to meet the requirements of “Situation Aware” environments, has produced a high-level device that incorporates all possible scenarios and effectively supports emergency, short- and long-term activities related to Frequency Spectrum Management.
Detecting, identifying, and protecting transmissions over a given territory has become a priority in the telecommunication industry. These requirements can be satisfied through the engineering of various Integral Systems products.

Commercial Environment

The combination of Compass, Monics and satID is already well known in the commercial satellite industry, where leading operators use both products for day-to-day network operations, troubleshooting, and anomaly resolution.
Monics provides the perfect CSM tool that adapts to both small and large networks, with features that are still unsurpassed in the industry. From small regional satellite operators to global players, from national regulatory offices to field deployed military units, Monics provides required operational support to maintain the Quality of Service for entire systems and, in combination with satID, protects these communication assets from unwanted or deliberate interference.
The layer introduced by Integral Systems Europe (ISE) is based on the Compass product. This layer allows all information on the network – hardware or software related, status or alarms – to be promptly displayed on a single enhanced and fully customizable interface at the operator’s control center, thereby concentrating all information needed for daily operations into one interface. This unified interface will collect and present simultaneous monitoring of traffic levels and alarms at both RF and baseband levels, beacon and beam sensing, multiple beam monitoring, transmit and receive equipment status, and indicate ancillary conditions.


Regulatory Environment

Geomon Regulator Transmission SupervisionIntegral Systems’ monitoring and control system will assist national regulatory agencies to guarantee economical, rational, and balanced access to the RF spectrum. It will help regulators support and manage increasing demands for frequency bandwidth and service diversification, particularly on wireless, mobile, and satellite services.
With its automatic spectrum monitoring capabilities, our system will allow users to control the legitimacy of frequency and band allocation at a national level, assign and register radio frequency emitters in both satellite and terrestrial domains, help improve efficiency using the radio spectrum, and finally help determine the technical and operational procedures necessary to maintain such a complex network of RF signals and services.

Geomon Regulator Supervision User Interface Screenshot
To answer this special need a new integrated system called GeoMon has been designed for regulators.

To get more detailed information on this concept please click on the following link : Geomon System

Military Operations Environment

The proposed monitoring network’s net-centric architecture assures the Situational Awareness necessary for warfighters to maintain basic Information Superiority. It protects essential systems from occasional degradation or deliberate attacks that hinder mission accomplishment.
Interference Management is crucial and requires that critical information be made available and exchanged quickly, and distributed for rapid identification and resolution. This will be achieved through faster detection and identification of threats, accurate reporting, effective geolocation, and rapid escalation to relevant entities for prompt resolution.
The proposed system helps C2 maintain control over communications in adverse conditions through three steps:
Identification, verification, characterization, and reporting on the fault/threat.
Analysis, geolocation, and corrective actions proposed.
Action implementation, notification, and final closure.

The system helps define roles and structures for each different entity involved in operations, with different levels of access to information for both input and output.

Military Satcom Monitoring System screen
To get more information on this special MilSatCom Situational Awareness module please click on the following link: Military Satcom Awareness

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