Neuralstar NMS: Entreprise Network Management System


Unified Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting on Enterprise Networks

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There is zero tolerance for network and IT downtime in today’s net-centric environments. An enterprise class Network Management System (NMS) that can help operators optimize operations and proactively avoid outages is critical.

NeuralStar Network Management System (NMS) provides enterprises with the ability to view and manage heterogeneous networks in real-time. It delivers real-time intelligence, fault-tolerance, centralized management, scalability, and cyber security awareness for true enterprise-grade IT and network management. It integrates all network event data– availability, performance, security, and more from any network connected port, device, service or application - all on a single console.

The enterprise class solution is used by some of the most complex and security-conscious networks in the world. Customers include the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), the U.S. Army, Microsoft and many other enterprises.

 Neuralstar NMS User Interface
NeuralStar NMS provides a consolidated view of global network operations.

NeuralStar’s key capabilities include:

  • Unified monitoring - monitor the network, applications, servers and security devices within a single operational dashboard
  • Analytics and optimization - analyze utilization trends across infrastructure, including consumption and availability reporting and optimize operations accordingly


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