Antenna Facilities

Integrated antenna and RF facilities systems

Integral Systems Europe Ltd. has been founded in 2009, offices are located in Newcastle Upon Tyne in United Kingdom.

The expertise of ISE Ltd. is to design, integrate and deliver complete earth station and antenna facilities, including satellite dish(es), frequency converters, and any other associated RF or IF equipment:

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Integral Systems Europe Ltd. provides:

  • Antenna Products with specific design
  • Antenna Facilities
    • Turnkey supply of complete earth stations
    • Earth Station subsystem provision
    • Upgrades of existing earth stations
    • Earth station dismantling and relocation
    • Antenna design & Specification expertise
    • Consultancy services


Integrated earth station includes any of the following:

  • Earth station design
  • Antennas
  • RF amplifiers
  • Frequency conversion
  • Power conditionning and UPS systems
  • Site surveys
  • ...And all associated subsystems



Other featured products and services:

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