7.3m Tri-Band Antenna

ISE 7.3m Tri-band Antenna pictureThis exclusive antenna design features simultaneous reception in C, X and Ku bands in 2 plorarization with a 6-ports feed.

The 7.3-meter tri-band antenna has been developed speciically for satellite spectrum monitoring and interference geolocation applications in C, X and Ku Bands.  
The exceptional RF system design allows full performance in two polarizations for each operating band, simultaneously, via a 6-port feed.

In C-Band it operates with orthogonal linear or circular polarizations, with the changeover between LP and CP taking less than a minute via remote control. 
X-Band operation is circularly polarized.
Ku-Band is linear. 

The excess G/T available at Ku-Band allows the reception of CP Ku-Band downlinks with suicient C/N for geolocation applications.


Other Features:

  • The axes are fully motorized, allowing the antenna to steer over 180° in azimuth.  
  • High-speed high-precision ball screw jacks are used for azimuth and elevation axes.  
  • Polarization drive and CP/LP drive employ gear-and-pinion mechanics.
  • The axis drive speeds are such that the antenna can be re-pointed from anywhere on the visible geostationary orbit to anywhere else in a matter of minutes.


Available Antenna Options:

  • Upgrade manual antenna control system to autotrack
  • White painted structure
  • Relector and feed deicing systems
  • Environmental hub conigurations
  • Integrated LNA or LNB systems
  • Packing for sea and air transport
  • Turnkey installation and testing


Associated systems than can be integrated smoothly to operate the antenna:


Product specifications brochure (PDF)

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