Moscito Airbone Spectrum Monitoring System

The MOnitoring SpeCtrum and Interference Transmitter Observation (moscito) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is an easy-to-deploy and powerful Airborne Spectrum Analyzing Solution.   Using a radio-controlled platform, the moscito can be used for a wide range of spectrum monitoring applications, including transmitter identification and interference analysis, detection and geolocation.

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Last Mile Geolocation Mission

Based on a user-defined flight plan, moscito flies over the target zone to monitor, detectS and geolocates satellite transmitted Radio Frequency (RF) signals. The information, to include GPS-based coordinates and pictures of the interferer, is recorded for post-mission analysis.

Concept of Operation

3-phases operations:

  • MOnitoring SpeCtrum and Interference Transmitter Observation (moscito) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) - Concept of Operation for GeolocationPhase 1: Mission Planning
    • The operator collects RF interference data from Integral Systems’ Monics® and satID® (RF interference detection and geolocation systems) or from other sources
    • The flight path is created and loaded into the plane
    • The spectrum payload is tuned
  • Phase 2: Mission Execution
    • moscito is manually launched and the autopilot is engaged when appropriate
    • Once the autopilot is engaged, the UAS goes into Mission Live Mode, synchronizing with the ground station and acquiring plane video, spectrum power and GPS position
    • moscito records the GPS data, mission video and spectrum power
    • Upon mission completion, the operator disengages the autopilot and lands the UAS
  • Phase 3: Post-mission
    •  Data is downloaded from the on-board payload into a computer via moscito software
    •  The application processes data and provides GPS position and a picture of the interferer



Features & Options



- Wide measurement range (1 to 6.5 GHz)
- Transportable system (25kg)
- Easy and fast deployment (< 15 minutes)
- Simple to operate/manage
- Real-time transmission and on-board  recording
- HD video
- Electrical engine (zero emission)
- Cruise speed 50 km/h
- 30 minutes flight autonomy

Baseline Configuration

- Radio controlled UAS
- Embedded electronics (GPS, camera,video transmitter)
- C-Band spectrum analysis payload
- Ground segment (Telemetry and Command)
- Hardened transport case


- X-Band extension  (6.5-9.2 GHz)
- Ku-Band extension  (12.75-13.25 & 13.75-14.5 GHz)
- RF channel simulator

Integral Systems Expertise

Moscito and Integral Systems ExpertiseThe moscito is backed by Integral Systems’ more than 30 years experience providing integrated ground segment solutions for the aerospace market. Our expertise in command and control, TT&C, signal processing, RF interference detection and geolocation ensures mission success, even under extreme conditions for both terrestrial and satellite transmissions.

RF Channel Simulator (option)

Paired with RT Logic’s industry leading Telemetrix® 400 Real Time Channel Simulator (T400CS), moscito operators are able to accurately simulate mission parameters. The T400CS enables comprehensive test and training activities without actual moscito flights, providing a cost-effective, computer-based simulation In addition, the T400CS provides complete signal

analysis and automated spectrum monitoring capabilities. Sophisticated interference analysis processing allows identification and study of jammer, covert or accidental interference sources and their impacts on flight path, video signal and RF transmissions.

Proven Platform

The plane platform used in the moscito design is already used by governmental agencies, such as the Norwegian Police in order to monitor Norwegian Fjords.   


Demonstration Video



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