Satcom Protection Service (SPS)

Satcom Protection Service logoWe offer Satcom Protection Service (SPS) to help customers protect their operations at an affordable price and without operational constraints.

Monitoring  frequency  spectra  in  the  rapidly  growing  and  highly  demanding  satellite communications  (SATCOM) industry  has  become  a  challenge  that  only  the  most  advanced companies are able to take on and win.

Integral Systems is already meeting the challenge by offering its unmatched carrier monitoring, interference detection, and geolocation products.

Domains of application are:

We aslo propose our  Satellite interference Geolocation COTS Product.

Service Description

When satellite operators, service providers, military and government organizations,  and  regulators  feel  visibility  into  their  satellite  operations  is insuficient, they can now access Integral Systems’ products and services for in-depth monitoring.
To monitor  interference  or  abnormal  transmission,  ISE has developed its Interference Detection and Geolocation SATCOM Protection Service (iDetGeo SPS). 

We offer  this service  for a onetime event, or as a yearly agreement covering five or ten events (monitoring and/or geolocation).

ISE will first study the technical feasibility of the request and when it can offer positive  feedback,  results  will  be  delivered  in  comprehensive  screenshots, graphs, and reports. 
A combination of monitoring, geolocation, and control tools provide a real-time overview of SATCOM status and alerts  for  local environments and global networks.


Your benefits include:

  1. Adapting and integrating our existing tools to meet your “Situational Awareness” requirements.
  2. Incorporating almost all possible scenarios and effectively supporting emergency, short and long-term activities related to Frequency Spectrum Management.

Satcom protection Service Features

Service Features (see above picture):

  • Who: Armed Forces, Governments, Regulators, Satellite Operators, Service Providers
  • Services: Geolocation, Interference Identfication, Helicopter Direction Finding
  • Areas: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, North America
  • Frequencies: C-band, Ku-band, X-band, or combinations
  • Offer: Ad Hoc, Five events package, Ten events package

Commercial Market

The  combination of Monics and  satID  is already  familiar  to  the  commercial  satellite  industry, where  leading operators  use  both  products  for  day-to-day  network  operations,  troubleshooting,  and  anomaly  resolution. Teleports, service providers, and satellite operators requiring more advanced SATCOM monitoring and geolocation technology on an occasional basis can have access to our SPS, including reporting capabilities, at minimal cost.

Regulatory Environment

Integral Systems’ Monitoring and Control system will assist national regulatory agencies to guarantee economical, rational, and balanced access to the satellite RF spectrum. It will help regulators support and manage increasing demands for frequency bandwidth and service diversiication, particularly on wireless, mobile, and satellite services. With  its automatic spectrum monitoring capabilities, our SPS will allow  regulators  to control  the  legitimacy of frequency and band allocation at a national  level, assign and  register  radio  frequency emitters  in both  satellite and terrestrial domains, and locate unauthorized transmission sources.

Military Operations Environment

The proposed monitoring network assures the Situational Awareness necessary for war-fighters to maintain Information
Superiority. It protects essential military SATCOM from occasional degradation or deliberate attacks that hinder mission accomplishment.

Immediate interference detection and management is crucial and requires that critical information be made available and exchanged quickly, and distributed for rapid identiication and resolution. Our SPS ensures faster detection and identification of threats, accurate reporting, effective geolocation, and rapid escalation to relevant entities for prompt resolution.

Satellite Signal Geolocation Product

We also offer product solution to perform high-level satellite interference signal geolocation with our SatID product (which can integrate with Monics CSM). Please check-out our Satellite Interference Geolocation product presentation page.


 PDF BrochurePlease see attached Brochure (PDF) for more information...

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